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Regency Shores are probably Spain’s leading English speaking sales and marketing company. We have extensive experience in resort and property sales, as well as often working on the sales side of lifestyle and leisure products. Most of our staff is English speaking and therefore the bulk of us hail from the British Isles. So as you the reader can well imagine there is something of a climate shock (as well as a culture shock) when a person first starts working out here. Let’s face it Tenerife doesn’t have a winter, to be brutally honest Tenerife barely has a spring or autumn, so that’s a big change from the off, and then we’ve got the language and dare I mention Spanish customs and heaven help us, bureaucracy.

We have 40 members of staff here mostly English but with a strong European contingent and some locals just to keep us from being a bit too Brits abroad. These days we’re working out of the purpose built sales office at Granada Park. We loved Los Gigantes but I must say we’ve all settled in nicely up here on the hill above Los Cristianos. Also that fact we’re tucked away under the complex lets us get on with business and not gazing longingly at the sun (well not too much anyway).

The sales figures are great this year (sales people live and die by figures) and we’ve had a great year with lots of new happy clients and lots of new and digital products coming on stream. We’re all confident that 2012 will be a better year for Regency Shores than last year and last year we broke all sales records.


It’s great working in Tenerife, it’s great never having to worry about what to wear or whether to bring a brolly or not.

Living and working on a holiday island can work, but the obvious temptations have to be avoided.

It can be a struggle dealing in a foreign language and something as simple as paying a bill can sometimes but a Herculean task. But I love living in Spain, I love the people, the culture, the language (still struggling but getting there) and most of all the rhythm of life that the Spanish seem effortlessly to fall into, and pull others with them.

Life’s great living in the sun but there are pitfalls and here’s our own personal list of things to watch and temptations to avoid as a Brit working in Spain.

  • letting the sun and smell of suntan oil fool you into thinking you’re on holiday
  • forgetting that shorts and a t-shirt are not always suitable attire for a business meeting
  • the short commute lulling you into thinking you’re not really at work yet
  • giving up on the language and falling into the “I’ll find out on Sky News” set
  • having the holiday head on, even though you’ve been living here 3 years
  • having wine delivered
  • not putting sun screen on after the first month out here
  • and last and most importantly, forgetting that you’re not living in a particularly sunny rather strange  part of England and realising that, yes indeed, you are actually abroad

I love living here and love dealing with the happy tourists who come here as our guests or clients. I’m afraid I must go now as I’m due into work in 10 minutes. Thanks for reading, wishing you all the best from Lynn and the gang at Regency Shores.  Anyone seen that sunscreen?




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