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The EZE Group loves Tenerife

This is the place where EZE Group members (and all those who do business with our sister company Regency Shores SL) can come to share our musings about life, work, and the beautiful island of Tenerife. This site is based around a series of articles and photographs, which we hope will show a different side of our companies, from that normally shown on a corporate website.

If you are a fan, friend or an employee, please feel free to leave a comment. We at the EZE Group work very hard to make your stay on the island as memorable as possible, just as our colleagues at Regency Shores work hard to grow our existing membership. We love Tenerife, many of us have made our homes here and some of us have brought up our children here. Many of us have lived here for many years and while not forgetting the places of our birth have come to feel that this is now home, this website is a place where we tell our stories and we hope give you an insight into what makes our group of companies tick.

Hopefully we’re not being overly sentimental when we ask you to think of this place as a love letter to Tenerife, its people and its places, its gentle warm climate, its varied faces and varied languages. We have all got one thing in common though we all know Tenerife, some of us a little, some of us intimately. So enjoy our site and enjoy your journey with us to the heart of Tenerife.

And if you love Tenerife as much as we do, why not write a short piece for us, we’d really appreciate your input. We at EZE Group hope our blog will become a place for all to share, the joys and fun of living, working or visiting, our share island. So please feel free to contact us if you would like to contribute an article and remember whether you’re a visitor, a resident, an EZE Group member, a worker or a tourist, we value what you have to say, so please send  us your thoughts and we’ll do our very best to get you into print.

It is our intention that we make here, a place for all to come and share. To laugh, smile (but hopefully not to cry).

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