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Olympics over – now for the next Olympics

Jenny Cowen was unlucky to miss competing for Great Britain at the London Games, but  that hasn’t detered her from getting back on the board aiming for the next competition.

Eze Group and Jenny CowenLondon 2012

During the second week of the Olympics I set off to London with my family to support some of my Team Mates who were competing there.  We were all really excited and were looking forward to experiencing the Olympic atmosphere.

We were not disappointed; there was a real buzz all around the Olympic Stadium and surrounding areas.  Although I had been lucky enough to have trained in the Olympic Pool before the Olympics the atmosphere was much different.  All the supporters were upbeat and enjoying themselves.  Moving around the Olympic Park was easy and everything was well organised.  It seemed strange walking around the Olympic Park and Westfield Shopping centre and bumping into a lot of people I know through my sport.

We watched the Women’s 10m Platform events (this would have been my competition if I had of been selected to compete).  The atmosphere was electric with so many British supporters being there.  The spectator galleries were full and there was a real sense of optimism and anticipation amongst the crowd.

It was ironic in many ways watching these events because as much as I wanted my GB Team mates to do well, I was also supporting my international diving friends too.  Sitting there in the crowd seeing all the girls/women I compete against internationally made me wish even more that I was part of the GB Team competing there and more determined than ever to be part of the GB Team in Rio.  I have to admit that I have never experienced the same support from a spectator’s crowd when I have been competing, not even at the World Championships.

As the competitions progressed I knew just how some of the divers where feeling, elated when their dives went well, disappointed when they didn’t go to plan, relief and anticipation when they had finished their last dive.  We all enjoyed watching the competitions but I was secretly feeling quite frustrated because I knew that if I had been selected and I had dived well I would have been more than capable of getting into the finals!

Back at training I was still only doing 2-3 pool sessions a week but Boot Camp with my strength and conditioning coach was getting tougher and more tiring.   However it has been worthwhile because I have gone back to my normal training session stronger, faster and fitter!  I can definitely feel and see the benefits of my summer training programme.

Now that all the emotions of the Olympics have settled down and training has returned to normal I am determined to train as hard and as best that I can to get to the Commonwealth Games and 2016 Olympics in Rio.   I am ready for the challenges that I will face over the next four years.  This time I will do it!!!






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