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Airport Survival Tips


Airline Travel Tips

Taking a little time out to take a vacation or travel the world can be hugely therapeutic; the monotonous stress of day to day life can be put on hold for a while you enjoy a week (or more) in the sun. A luxurious vacation can quickly become stressful if you have not properly prepared however, so with the use of some of these handy hints and tips, you can ensure your trip is as stress-free as possible.


Packing all of your clothes and essentials into a suitcase is an obvious part of the travel preparation process, but once you’re checked in, your luggage is carted away on a conveyor belt, and will not be seen again until you collect it upon arrival. Taking a few extra precautions to minimize complications here could save you a lot of time and stress, so give a little extra thought when readying your luggage.

When packing your suitcase, place a business card or piece of paper with you name, address and contact details including your mobile phone and hotel/destination name. This will help the airline contact you in case your name tag falls off and there should be any mistakes with the placement of your possessions.

Many people opt for the typical large, black suitcase, meaning it could be difficult to distinguish exactly which one is yours when it comes to collecting; to help pinpoint exactly which case is yours, tie a piece of colored ribbon or tape around the handle. Customizing your luggage will also prevent other passengers with similar suitcases picking yours up by mistake.

Don’t Trust your Memory

It’s all too easy to assume you will remember to pack your passport and boarding pass before leaving the house, and by failing to secure these items before the high-pressure rush that comes the day of your flight, you’re at risk of forgetting the two most important items. When at home, pack your passport and boarding pass in an easy access spot in your carry-on luggage, this will allow you to quickly retrieve it at check-in and keep it in a safe spot to. Be sure to double check before heading out of the door, and take a moment each time you take it out, to acknowledge yourself placing it back and zipping up your bag.
Once you have reached your accommodation, it’s fair to assume many people would feel more comfortable about leaving certain precious items in the safe along with their passport and boarding pass. This is a great way to secure your valuables, but also another easy way to forget them when leaving. To be sure you remember to retrieve them, take one of the shoes you wish to fly in and put it in the safe with it, this will present a clear and unavoidable time to remember your belongings are in the safe before leaving.

Airport Security

Passing through airport security is can be a stressful time for many people, so to reduce the time it takes to get through the checkpoint, place any metallic objects on your person into your carry-on luggage before joining the queue. If you are carrying a laptop through security, be sure to put your big bags through before the laptop, this will ensure that it will come out last. If you get delayed while passing through the metal detector, the laptop will not be vulnerable at the end of the conveyor belt and you will have a bag to place it in ready and waiting.

So there we are, some simple yet useful tips to ensure your travels run as smoothly as possible!

Daniel Travis-Brown travels regularly and likes to share his hints and tips whenever possible by writing on behalf of Glasgow MF Airport Parking ; for more clever tips follow Dan on Twitter @DanTravisBrown



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