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Soon to be Announced !

Eze Group GoldThe Eze Group are proud to sponsor the dedicated and talented Jenny Cowen. Jenny is not the only one nervous as the Olympic team will be announced on June 10th

The Final Run In

With the highboards being resurfaced and out of action at Leeds Diving Club I set off to Plymouth for a week’s training.  I took the opportunity to watch some films on the 6.5hr train journey.

I was quite excited to be training at the new Life Centre Pool in Plymouth with some of my GB Team mates (Sarah, Tonia, Brooke and Tom).  It is always a treat to train at a new pool for the first time. My week of training went well and I was especially pleased with improvement of my inward three and a half somersaults from the 10m board.

On one of the days that I was training there I was invited to join in with the Plymouth divers to perform in a display for 250 people from one company who are sponsors of the Olympic Games.  The display went well and I was very pleased with the performance of my inward three and a half somersaults in front of such a big crowd.

Unfortunately the highboards were still out of action for the week after I returned so I took the opportunity to improve my springboard dives in preparation for the upcoming NER diving competition.

With reduced training time on the highboards due to them being resurfaced in the lead up to the NER diving competition I performed an inward two and a half somersaults off the 5m board instead of the planned inward three and a half somersaults from the 10m.  All my other dives where performed off the 10m board and I was pleased with my performance and 1st Place.  I was also very pleased with my 1m competition as I got a new Personal Best score and another Gold medal.

Training is now intense and concentrated on my 10m dives in preparation for the Olympic Trials/British National Championships. Team GB has maximum places in every diving event at the Olympics but it still means we are competing for only 2 places in each of the individual 10m and 3m events and 1 place in the 10m and 3m synchro events.  The Olympic team will be selected and announced after the Olympic trails/British National Championships 8-10th June.



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