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The Olympics Draw Ever Closer

The Highboard diver Jenny Cowen gives us another gripping installment of her diary. The Eze Group are proudly sponsoring her attempts at Olympic qualification. A fine example of dedication and determination, Jenny is an inspiration to us all (especially those armchair Olympians, among whose number I unfortunately count myself).

After a hectic few weeks leading up to the G Star competition, club championships and Eze Groups Charity Foundation Golf Dinner life has quietened down and returned to its normal training regime.

Over the past few weeks I have been training hard and preparing my list of dives for the Amsterdam Cup competition later this month. I will be competing in the women’s 10m highboard event and the women’s 1m springboard event. In training I have been doing lots of repetitions for each of the lead up stages of my dives.  Each lead up has had to be perfect before my coach would let me move on to the next lead up and then the dive itself. Sometimes the smallest change to a movement in a particular part of a dive can have a huge impact on the overall performance of the dive. This has helped me to make improvements for each dive which in turn will hopefully give me higher scores in competitions. 

One dive that I have made major improvements on is my back two and a half somersaults with one and a half twists. With my coach perfecting each of the lead up stages of this dive I am now able to consistently perform it to a higher standard.  This means that I should now be able to gain higher scores for it in competitions.

I am still making steady progress on my back armstand triple somersault dive.  Like all the other dives each lead up stage has to be consistently performed well before moving on to the next stage of the dive.  My goal is to have this dive ready to compete for next season.eze group's jenny cowen

As part of my overall training programme I do two strength and conditioning sessions a week, have regular physio (if and when needed) and weekly massage sessions.  The strength and conditioning sessions are with a weights coach and these sessions benefit me by improving and maintaining my core stability and by making me stronger which makes it easier to perform my dives.  I enjoy my massage sessions especially after a hard weights session.

Last week I was allowed to miss one training session so that I could celebrate my 21st birthday.  I had a fantastic afternoon/evening with my family watching Cirque Du Soleil in Manchester.  Once again we saved a considerable amount  by booking the tickets through Eze Group.

After the last few weeks of training I am prepared for the Amsterdam Cup competition next week.  I am looking forward to meeting some of my international diving friends again and hopefully doing well in my competitions.



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