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Training Chinese Style

Eze Group Foundation Jenny Cowen Eze Group Sponsee Jenny Cowen Training Hard

Olympic diving prospect and recipient of Eze Group Foundation sponsorship brings us the latest instalment of her journey towards competition in the London Olympics. Those of us who have never competed in sport at the highest level often forget that behind those few moments of actual competition lay many thousands of hours of intense training. We at the Eze Group find these blogs from Jenny immensely interesting and we feel very proud indeed that we can support this hard working, talented young woman in her Olympic hopes.

The past few weeks of training have been Chinese style.  Pung a Chinese coach has been at the City of Leeds Diving Club to coach the Senior National Divers whilst the Head coach and Assistant Head coach of the club where away at competitions.

Pung has coached former Olympic divers in China and GB.  I have met Pung before as he has been in the UK for 4 years now coaching the senior world class divers (one being Tom Daley) at Plymouth Diving Club.

Training with a different coach can sometimes be a challenge for divers as they have to adapt to different styles of coaching and methods of diver/coach interaction. His coaching style is different but very effective. His sessions where hard work but enjoyable and he has taught me some valuable new techniques.   I gained so much from his coaching as he did a lot of work on the techniques of basic skills and dives.  I had to perform the new techniques very precisely and perfectly before moving on to develop my more difficult dives.  Sometimes this meant repeating the same skill over and over again until it was perfect. The lead ups on the lower boards for my new dive which is now back armstand triple somersault are improving. When my coach is back I will be progressing and performing the next lead up for this dive.

Pung also told us many interesting stories, both in the past and the present, about diving in different countries and cultures.  He told us about the time when he was a diver and got reprimanded for being too happy during training! This is because in China training is a serious matter and you are not allowed to show any emotion whilst training.

Tomorrow my coach will be back from competitions and my training schedule will return to normal.  I am looking forward to training with him again, showing him what I have learnt with Pung and hearing about the competitions he has been to.

Great stuff from Jenny and a great eye opener for us armchair sports fans (not forgetting sponsors). We at the Eze Group Foundation can feel only proud to be associated with such a determined and gifted young lady.



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