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We at the Eze Group situated out here in Tenerife can sometimes feel a little far removed from the mainland, but what is true for Spanish tourism is certainly true for Tenerife tourism and quite frankly many people, when they think of Tenerife think of the Eze Group.

Known as a top tourist destination worldwide, Tenerife is a place where you can spend glorious holidays – days of fun and relaxation. A beautiful country that has a lot to offer, Spain is one of the most visited countries worldwide. I hope the following with help you learn a little more about tourism in Spain, how this industry started and how it came to its present state.

How the Tourism Industry Began
Before the World War II, Spain was already recognized as a popular tourist destination especially among the Northern Europeans. During this time, Spain served as the perfect place to escape the harsh winters of other countries. The Mediterranean sun and seas attracted visitors from all over Europe, creating a big impact on the economy of the country.

The development of tourism in Spain continued through the years and went on boom during the 1970’s. During this time, Spain has recovered from the damages that happened during the Civil War under the leadership of Francisco Franco. Economic reforms were introduced along with developmental policies which then led to the economic boom, also known as ‘Spanish Miracle.’ The developments in the country attracted more visitors which were not just from Europe but also from the other parts of the world.

Government Support for Tourism in Spain
With the number of tourists flocking in Spain all year round, tourism makes a huge impact on the country’s economy. In 1951, the government recognized the need for a tourism governing branch, which then led to the creation of the Ministry of Information and Tourism which later on became the Ministry of Transportation, Tourism and Communications during the 1980’s. Today, there are several tourist information offices in all of the major cities around the country as well as the sites of interest.

The ministry is heavily involved in the development and maintenance of tourism in the country. Promotional activities are continuously done which include distribution of maps, advertisements, lists of shops and accommodation. Information offices are also well-maintained since these are where visitors are encouraged, advised and assisted when making plans on visiting Spain. The government also supervises the accommodation, restaurants and hotels in Spain even if these are privately owned, any older visitor to Spain will attest to the fact that they are well regulated and inspected ( certainly in comparison to days of old). These are regularly classified, inspected and controlled to meet the ministry’s standards. The prices also are controlled thereby preventing overpricing. These establishments are also mandated to have complaint books where shortcomings were identified during the ministry’s inspections.

Tourism in Spain Today
In the last two decades, Spain has remained on the top five world tourist destinations. Millions of tourists visit the country every year, with the greatest number to be recorded as 60 million which was back in 2007.  We here on the Canary Islands clocked an impressive 5 million that year.This number placed Spain as the second most visited country worldwide behind France which garnered the top spot.

Constant developments are being implemented by the Spanish government to attract more tourists since the tourism industry brings in billions to the country’s economy. Aside from the government standards that establishments catering to tourists should meet there are also other actions done such that Spain is visited all year round. Previously, tourists visited Spain for its warmer weather, which left businesses stagnant during the colder months. Nowadays, there are various activities that can be done in Spain during winter such as skiing since there are several mountains and ski resorts in the area. All year round, there are various activities that can be done in Spain. Aside from visiting the beaches and other natural attractions, there are also various natural parks, theme parks, shopping centres and other areas that can keep visitors occupied.  Whether it’s the world famous Spanish nightlife in Spain or the incredible variety of folk events and festivals, tourists can learn more about the Spanish culture and traditions, regardless of the manner in which they interact with Spanish culture.

These days, tourists tend to get choosy as to where they are going to spend their holidays. Planning usually takes some time with so many factors to consider such as the place, the cost, schedule and a lot more. This is when an experience leisure provider such as the Eze Group comes into its own, booking, arranging and guiding the potential visitor.

As a result of people becoming more varied as to where they spend their holiday budget and the decrease in long haul air costs European travel has experienced something of a dip recently.  But Tenerife still remains to be a top choice as proven by the increasing number of tourists every year.



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