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10m Highboard Diver

Eze Group AmbassadorsJenny Cowen, is a member of the City of Leeds diving club and is currently training hard in the hope of selection as part of the GB Olympic diving team for London 2012. We at the EZE Group consider it an honour to be able to sponsor,Jenny who is not only talented but hard working. Jenny is also one of our  Eze Group Ambassadors helping to promote  her sport as well as the EZE Group Charitable Foundation.

I am 10m up, the acoustics change up here, voices echo, it’s slightly eerie but strangely familiar.  My feet are cold but they grip the rubber and I am balanced right on the edge. I don’t look down, I look straight ahead, it doesn’t matter how many times I have done this, it’s almost like doing it for the first time every time.  The spring of the board jettisons me and I reach up then my body responds to all my training and I am focused.  If you want to know what it feels like I guess it’s a bit like how I would imagine flying.  I am free in the moment it’s simply me and my spirit…. Seconds later I hit the water it feels good, it feels like I belong, it is me.  Hello my name is Jenny and I dive, it is something I was born to do. It is my life.

I guess some people will think I am crazy and others mad, to willingly throw myself off a 10m high diving board.  But really it’s nowhere near as frightening as you may imagine, even with a few twists and somersaults added into the equation. I am a member of the City of Leeds Diving Club where I train on average 28 hours a week over 6 days.

My inspiration to be a diver started at the age of 7 when I used to sit on the balcony of my local pool watching my older brother diving.  So instead of sat being bored I began diving too.  It wasn’t long before friendly sibling rivalry set in – anything you can do I can do better!  Little did I know then how much I would actually achieve in diving.  I was a member of the Junior Great Britain Diving Team until I was 18yrs old and have been a member of the Great Britain Senior Diving Team since I was 17yrs old.  In 2011 I was selected to represent Great Britain at the World Championships, European Championships and the World University Games in the Womens 10m highboard events.

My ultimate goal this year is to qualify and be selected to be part of the GB Diving Team at the London 2012 Olympics, along with other International Competitions.

The British National Cup Competition at the end of January is my next major event. From the results of this competition divers are selected to represent Great Britain in International Competitions.  The points scored and the results from International Competitions go towards the final Olympic selection after the British Gas National Championships in June.

Before July I will also be competing in the NER Championships and the G-Star Invitational  competition.

I would like to thank Eze Group for sponsoring me and appointing me as one of their Ambassadors.  Being an Eze Group Ambassador is an honour and I am excited about being able to help to promote Eze Group and their products, represent them at events and being involved with the Eze Group Charitable Foundation.




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