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EZE Group Review – 2011

Eze Group Review 2011EZE Group

What a wonderful year to have to review. We at the EZE Group have had a great year this year. Our staff numbers have increased by 30%, this has be predicated on a huge rise in both the numbers of people choosing to spend their leisure time the EZE Group way and also the large amount of new and exciting leisure and lifestyle products that have been introduced by the group in 2011. So we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our planning and development teams for some truly inspirational work this year. Our wonderful operations staff have also insured that our existing range of products have revised and reviewed keeping our members happy, ever mindful of the phrase “the customer is king”.
Our second to none administration staff have once again proved their mettle, insuring the smooth running of our many services. Those wonderful (mostly) ladies, seem to see solutions where others might see problems. Keeping everything running smoothly and always with a smile.
Any review of the year would not be complete without a mention of our Regency Shores operating from  new sales office in Granada Park. From the very outset a new level of professionalism and purpose have imbued the team and our sales figures have continued to rise month on month and often above target. So a mighty thank you goes out to, what must be one of the finest teams in Europe.
Our new, state of the art, UK booking offices have been planned and built and will be opening early in the New Year. All in all this has been a great year for the EZE Group and its continued growth.


This review must mention Britain’s second city for two reasons; not only are we close to opening a new booking office in Birmingham but 2011 saw the EZE Group become the official travel partners of Birmingham City FC. After a thorough review of our products and company standards the Championship club were more than happy to become part of the growing team of EZE Group supporters.

EZE Group Malta

Our Malta based franchise holder Travel Synergie and continued to market our products and have helped the EZE Group system reach new members. Like their Tenerife based colleagues our Maltese team have attained target after target and look set only to reach higher and greater levels of membership growth next year. We on Tenerife can only say – bravo and here’s to a better year next year.

The Coming Year

Having been sworn to secrecy this writer can’t say much about the coming year other than, when next year’s review comes to be written a great deal of very exciting developments will have unfolded. The EZE Group are also sponsoring a number of Olympic hopefuls so watch this space for  a medal or 2 come August.
One secret I can let slip is that as part of a promotion in conjunction with some other companies interested in promoting tourism in Tenerife, the EZE Group have over 1,000 holidays to give away in Tenerife next year. But shush – don’t say where you heard it.

To end this review of the year all I can say is – is 2011 been a great year and let’s all hope that next year is better.

Happy New Year to all our friends – new and old.



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