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Christmas In Shorts

Ezg group christmasMost people view Christmas as a time of rest and fun but as an EZE Group employee, Christmas to me means one thing work and lots of it. Christmas is our busiest time. High – high season if you like.

As I write, on a shelf, or should be be on shelves nearby, I can see lots of Christmas cards. Most of them having the type of illustration that we have come to regard as traditional Christmas scenes. You know the ones, very red breasted robins perched on branches, full bearded Santa’s laughing heartily, lots of Christmas trees, and lots of snowmen, a few wise men variations, teams of reindeer and quite a few red nosed Rudolfs. The Virgin and child seem to be going out of fashion as does a lot of religious imagery, but the ones I really love, the ones I remember well from my childhood, they really do seem to be disappearing. I’m talking of the Dickensian cards, all horse drawn coaches, well wrapped coach men, frozen lakes and icy cobbles. I absolutely love those winter scenes. Things certainly did seem to be a lot more Christmas-like back then – weather wise anyway. In fact all those frozen lakes and rivers may have a basis in truth, things really were much colder a couple of hundred years ago – something to do with sunspots, I think I once read.
You see the reason I gaze so longingly at a frozen lake or red nosed man in top hat, the reason I dream of snow ball fights and frozen breath, the reason those winter scenes really hold so much allure for me, the reason I long for long for cold at this time of year is that this Christmas, like most, I’ll be having my Christmas dinner outdoors on the veranda. Yes dear reader you’ve guessed it, I’ll be spending this Christmas in Tenerife.
Now I’ll be the first to admit that a cold winter in England is something I don’t ever really yearn for at any other time of year, but having said that I do miss Christmas back home, but Christmas is actually our busiest time of the year, it’s an all hands to the pump job. The EZE Group members are over here in full force. I may be alone in my yearning for the cold and a bit of snow (although in reality there’s precious few frozen lakes, horse drawn coaches and even the red breasted robin doesn’t seem to exist in the numbers it once did).
My colleagues at Regency Shores have for the most part deserted us. Back to the land of traffic jams, train delays and the, oh too regular, flight delays. For the most part I like living and working in Tenerife but certain things still have the power to draw me back to thoughts of dear old blighty. Christmas cards are certainly one of them.
We at the EZE Group take this opportunity to wish all our old and new friends a very Happy Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.



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