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Regency Shores then and now.

Regency shoresWhen I first heard the term Regency Shores, thoughts of Brighton and bathing caps, filled my head. Thoughts of neck to knee costumes and even more bizarrely bathing wagons came to mind.
The Regency was generally considered that time between 1795 and 1837, it was characterised by distinctive trends in architecture, literature, fashion, culture and saw the birth, in the modern era anyway – of the seaside holiday.
Although distant in time, it had many similarities and issues we would understand today.
It was a time when rapid technological advances led to a tenfold increase in the speed of printing presses. Publishers spread stories and rumours about the rich and famous, novels acting as the Hello and Okay of their day. It was the aristocrats who performed the role of the celebs of today. News of the loves and adventures of the rich and aristocratic was eagerly awaited and gossiped about. Those above were viewed as wondrous and fantastical creatures, something known yet entirely out of the reach of mere mortals. Ring any bells?
Like today it was a time of excess and political and financial uncertainty. A time when the heir to the throne led a seemingly aimless life, but unlike his present day ancestor, he failed to channel his energies in anything like a positive direction, he thought he’d pass his time with idleness and gambling, his way of showing rebellion to his overbearing father. One thing this period of idleness did leave us though was the beach holiday.
For it was this period that saw the English take to the sea (without boats that is), the Romans had bathed in the sea but it was never fashionable until the then Prince of Wales made Brighton and the seaside the place to be. Building the Royal Pavilion as a place far from Court where he could indulge his wilder tastes. The next 150 years saw Brighton and the British seaside holiday flourish until the last quarter of the 20th century, it’s decline brought about by the same thing that had first caused it to flourish: advancements in transport first the package holiday, then the budget airline and now the holiday club system, all mean that more and more people can enjoy a holiday abroad, something even a king had trouble doing back in the Regency times.
Today Regency Shores SL is a major player in the holiday and leisure industries. Today something much warmer and sunnier can be expected from the words Regency Shores.



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